Volunteers play an important role in advancing your institution’s message. Easily recruit and grow your volunteer core with an application that provides centralized data and an easy forum for the flow of vital information. Voluntarii has been built to provide College and University staff and volunteers a central workplace to manage and execute class agent and peer to peer fundraising projects. Delivered within the cloud, with automatic data synchronization available, it’s never been easier to manage your volunteer fundraising efforts. Experience the difference!

Voluntarii has been built with the functionality required to run successful peer to peer fundraising projects.

  • Create projects and manage volunteer applications
  • Upload documents, videos and other resources necessary for volunteers
  • Easily match prospects with volunteers
  • Allow volunteers to choose prospects or assign them automatically
  • Record gift pledges
  • Save conversation notes with prospects
  • Run detailed reports and export data easily
Voluntarii is built with the latest Microsoft technologies and runs exclusively as a service within the Azure network. Application pages and logic are built using rich jQuery and Bootstrap libraries to provide you volunteers with a great online experience. The Azure platform provides the world class security protection that you would expect to safeguard your prospect data. Such data is encrypted at the database level and is transferred utilizing an https connection. The end result is a high performance, highly functional product built for scalability.
Volunteers will be accessing data inside the Voluntarii database. Therefore the transfer of this data, to and from your constituent database is of the utmost importance. The Voluntarii product allows for the simple import and export of data via an intuitive user interface. If you are looking for something more automated, connectors are available for both Oracle and MSSQL which can allow for automatic data synchronization between a staging table on your campus and your Voluntarii database. We understand that the product is only as good as the data reaching the right hands at the right time!
Voluntarii is licensed with a single user group license, which are generally departments on campus (Annual Fund, Alumni Relations, et cetera). Each user group can administer their own set of projects but volunteers have the ability to move between the different user groups and participate in the varied projects. The user group license is an annual license with a tiered pricing structure depending on the number of volunteers accessing the application. In addition each tier has a maximum limit for database size and storage capacity.
Peer to peer fundraising