Instant Address

Communication with your constituents is vitally important to your organization’s success. Accurate mailing information helps to maintain strong relations and engagement. Whether sending alumni magazines, solicitations, event invitations or tax receipts – do so with confidence. Instant Address can be integrated easily with web applications, validating and formatting postal addresses at original point of entry. It’s a simple, low cost solution and available in the cloud.

Easily validate and format mailing addresses before they reach your constituent database. Instant Address is simple to integrate with, whether it be a donor application, online community or giving page. We provide intuitive interfaces for both internal and public consumption.
Instant Address is perfect for processing large address files for both validation and consistent formatting. The service is available via a client portal, where authenticated users can upload excel files. However it is also available directly as a webservice, in both asynchronous and synchronous methods, allowing for efficient and automated processing on your operational schedule. Oracle and MSSQL installation packages are available, allowing for fast and easy configuration and set up.
Instant Address can be easily configured to return validated addresses that conform to your database standards. Formatting can be applied evenly across all of your address validation touch points giving you the data consistency you demand. Have different business rules that require different address formats? Not a problem! You can maintain multiple address formats and match formats with different processes with just the click of a button.
Seamless integration with your applications and databases is critical to making this project a success. We've spent a great deal of time building the back end architecture to make integrating with web applications a breeze. Simply add a JavaScript reference to the page and we'll take care of the rest.
We don't think licensing needs to be overly complicated or cumbersome. Instead we've developed a simple enterprise license model that allows you to use the Real Time or Batch service across your Advancement operations. You pay a flat fee that is determined by the number of active consituents in your database. Simple and straightforward, you have enough complications in your life.